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Welcome! I am a full-service travel agent specializing in ocean and river cruises

AJ Strauss

AJ Strauss

Ocean and River Cruise Expert | Travel Advisor

Hello there! I am AJ. I live in the most beautiful place on earth, Alaska. I am a full-time commercial pilot based in Fairbanks, and part-time world traveler. I am absolutely obsessed with sailing on cruise ships exploring a variety of destinations. I invite you to join me on hand selected voyages, and choose me to be your personal travel advocate for your next adventure. I would love to help you personalize your dream vacation, or big event at sea.

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At the heart of Sail With AJ is a commitment that transcends ordinary service. AJ’s personal dedication to ensuring each guest’s cruise experience is nothing short of exceptional sets the tone for a journey where every expectation is met, if not exceeded. With years of experience in the travel industry, AJ brings an unparalleled passion for cruising, matched by an unwavering attention to detail. Whether planning a first-time voyage or a repeat adventure, AJ’s mission is to create a seamless, memorable, and personalized experience for every traveler who books with Sail With AJ.

From initial contact, AJ invests time in getting to know each cruiser on a personal level. This approach allows him to tailor every aspect of the cruise booking to fit individual preferences, styles, and interests. AJ meticulously curates recommendations for ship accommodations, dining preferences, shore excursions, and even onboard activities, ensuring that each element aligns perfectly with the traveler’s vision of an ideal cruise. This personalized touch transforms what could be a routine booking process into a collaborative project designed to deliver not just a trip, but an unforgettable adventure.

One of AJ’s hallmarks is his commitment to transparency and communication. Understanding that planning a cruise can be a complex and sometimes overwhelming process, AJ ensures that guests are well-informed and confident at every stage of their journey. He is always just a call or email away, ready to answer questions, offer advice, or make quick adjustments to travel plans. AJ’s proactive approach to problem-solving means that potential issues are addressed before they can impact the traveler’s experience, contributing to a sense of security and trust that is invaluable.

Moreover, AJ’s dedication extends far beyond the booking phase. Cruisers often remark on the attentive follow-up and support they receive throughout their voyage. Whether it’s checking in pre-departure, addressing concerns while at sea, or seeking feedback upon return, AJ’s involvement underscores his commitment to making every cruise genuinely outstanding. This level of service builds lasting relationships, with many travelers returning for future sailings, confident that AJ will once again deliver an extraordinary cruise experience.

In a world where customer service can sometimes feel impersonal, AJ’s dedication to creating a bespoke, attentive, and thoroughly enjoyable cruising experience stands out. The personal touches, expert advice, and continual support all contribute to the distinctive, high-caliber service that has become synonymous with Sail With AJ. For those who book their voyages with AJ, they aren’t just booking a cruise; they are embarking on a meticulously planned adventure, enriched by AJ’s heartfelt dedication to making every moment count.

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